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Renegade Canaan Dogs
Canaan dogs were native dogs of Israel, often called pariah dogs. The Canaan was primarily used by the Bedouins to guard camps and flocks of sheep. Dr. Rudolf and Prof. Rudolphina Menzel moved to Palestine and studied the Canaan. They began breeding and training these dogs for military work, in 1965 they sent four Canaan dogs to the United States and this is how the breed originated in the U.S.

Canaan Dogs - Peculiarities

The Canaan dog is considered rare. Their numbers are very small. The breed is not known in some countries. However, the Canaan dog deserves much attention due to its wonderful characteristics. It is very likely that the breed will gain popularity soon. Canaans are very healthy. Their physical characteristics were improved naturally. Only the strongest dogs survived, which allowed for natural selection and improvement of the breed. They do not need specialized care and can adapt easily to various conditions.

However, the breed is not for everyone. The Canaan dog needs early socialization to help it feel confident in strange environments. Canaan dog owners state that the dog appears to be wary of strangers sometimes. Yet, this does not concern all dogs.

Canaan dogs like digging. In fact, digging is an acute problem for breed owners. Nobody likes having their flowerbeds damaged by a dog. The breed needs a lot of exercise. Therefore, prospective buyers should think twice before purchasing a Canaan dog. Some Canaans tend to be territorial and can be aggressive toward other dogs.

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